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These are the dream pages.  Projects at the HUB that we are working towards.  Listed next to title is a little more detail and a way that the community can get involved in whatever might tug at your heart.  Have an idea? email us at; Let's add it to the list!

Faded Conference Table


Community Room

On the first floor lies the space for a community room.  We are going to have to take down a couple of walls, pull up some carpet and redo the floors, but it has an area with a little kitchen, and a spot to store tables and chairs. 


Our hope is that space will be a place where organizations and community members might be able to have their gatherings.  The livingroom of the "Hub"


Gym- Exercise Area

Oftentimes while the kids are doing therapy or a spouse is mentoring, there isn't anything for other families to do, other than wait.  We'd like to change that!  We would like to have the Hub be a place where everyone can fuel their bodies and their soul.  Love to exercise?  Join yoga class, Tae Kwon Do, or just hop on your favorite exercise equipment and get in some stress relieving time while you wait.

Sports Equipment
Autism Therapy


Sensory Room

Right now there is nothing in our area that allows parents with special needs children to get the help that they need.  We would like to make it easier for our most vulnerable families to be able to stay local for the services that help help.


Career Closet

Once those who want to work have gone through the career center, they may need clothes suited for the job or interview.  We would like to make it possible for them to "shop" the career closet to get that perfect outfit for the job.

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